See below for the profiles of the mechanical engineering team reporting to Kalyan in the Bangalore office for Coexlion. With a spectrum of skills from analysis to design and mix of experiences the team is deliberately diverse; but there is one common thread for all… a passion for engineering.



A Mechanical Engineer professional with over 8years of experience in the automotive structure’s domain. Specialised in Design and Development, Concept Design & Manufacturing techniques. Enthusiastic and passionate about automotive technologies with a great interest in sports & DIY techniques. Roshan is our Creo expert on the team.


“I believe in Innovation. Innovation comes with freedom & with freedom comes responsibility. I choose Coexlion for freedom”



A collaborative Design Engineer with 8years of experience in design, developing, and testing mechanical systems in a variety of industries.


Most recent experienced in automotive door closure systems where electronic component packaging meets mechanism design in a highly constrained packaging space. Expert in Design for Assembly, Design for Manufacture, and Design for Service.


“My interest in motorsport and two-wheelers drove me to join Coexlion and the projects I will be involved with developing motorcycles and EVs, as well as their subsystems, sure feels like a rewarding career to me as a design engineer.”


From the start of his career Santanu has been working with EV start-ups, citing the learning and growth opportunities that come from the start-up environment. His career goal is to work on the optimisation of EV technologies to democratise the industry to a level where it becomes a no brainer for all to own an EV.


“Coexlion gives me the perfect platform to grow and gain vast knowledge rapidly, as the team has a mix of engineers with diverse experience of varied industries. This allows us to complement each other and makes a very strong team capable of tackling complex problems.”


An Ardent motorsport and cricket lover, who wants to drive the change in the automotive industry of today by working on innovations and technologies of tomorrow. With a work history in EV start-ups Shreyas has experience of both design and analysis, including 1D powertrain simulation, CFD and chassis dynamic modelling. He holds a masters degree in Motorsport Engineering, from Oxford Brookes university (UK).


“My goal as an automotive engineer has always been to be the jack of all trades and therefore, I have worked on and gathered experience and knowledge on all sub-systems. I have a particular interest with autonomous vehicles”


A mechanical engineer driven by passion towards automotive technologies. A proficient team person with good communication and listening skills. Natarajan has applied classroom learning to innovative and successful projects, acquiring a sound knowledge of leading-edge engineering principles, tools, and practices.


“I have been a founding member and design head at Shwethashwa Racing, a Formula Bharat team. My personal attributes include leadership and sound judgement as well as creativity, analytical and troubleshooting skills. If there is anything else I am passionate about, it is art. I love to do pencil sketching, painting, and recently developed interest towards digital art.”


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